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What to do before a house valuation?

Thomas Miller
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A professional home appraisal is required when selling a home, and it's also important for refinancing. An unbiased opinion of your home's value gives potential buyers and lenders a clear picture of a home's worth.

You can start by using an online property valuation tool to have an idea about the value of the house or property first. 

It is advisable to search carefully when choosing an estate agent, you believe will perform the best job of promoting and selling your property. You can find an estate agent by trying out some of the steps below;

  • Asking for references from friends or family members
  • You could ask two or three local estate agents to provide you with a valuation.
  • Compare the additional services and effort each agent will go to
  • It is also crucial to compare the valuation prices of the agents you find the offer. 

Your estate agent will act as a liaison between you and any prospective buyers of your house. This makes your relationship with them essential.  They will function as the middleman in any complex negotiations, delays, or issues involving the house-buyer chain. You will always require an estate agent you are comfortable with and can rely on.

How to prepare for a house valuation?

Adequately preparing for a house or property valuation makes the process easier and smoother for both you and the Valuer. You can start with a free valuation online or contacting a real estate agent. 

Some factors that impact how much your house is worth are 

  • the size, 
  • location, 
  • and market conditions of your home, among other uncontrollable variables. 

However, if you're wondering how to increase the value of your home, giving some thought to how to present your house or property to an estate agent in the best possible light can pay off big time. 

Although estate agents do not take photos during valuations, you should make your home aesthetically 

  • pleasing, 
  • spotless, 
  • and hospitable as you can for every prospective buyer's visit. 

They will value your property as accurately, honestly, and favourably as they can if they can see it in its best light. Your opportunity to stand out is to have the best pictures of your property for use in marketing materials. Making your property look its best will, ideally, attract more high-quality and quick bids.

Prepare your house for the valuation

  1. Review previous appraisals - Look for issues that lowered your home's value in the past and address those problems.
  2. Fix faulty/broken features - Fixing small things such as faulty doors, windows or sinks contribute to the overall first impression of a property and lets the valuer know no renovation work will be required by future owners, even if they are unlikely to reduce the value of your home significantly. 
  3. Collect important documents for the appraiser - These could include a land survey that verifies property size, proof of your home's most recent sale price, and a list of recent improvements complete with receipts.
  4. Remove any unnecessary objects - Properly arrange cushions and blankets, and take out rugs from areas where you have a beautiful floor to showcase to create more space in the house. It's not necessary to display cleaning supplies like mops, bins, and vacuums.
  5. Clean up any gardens and relocate any cars that block the view of the house because exterior photos may also be taken.
  6. Think about moving furniture around. - To let in as much natural light as possible, open any drapes and blinds that are there.
  7. Bring in some new plants or flowers. - By cutting the lawn, you may demonstrate your attention to detail and reassure potential buyers that you take good care of your house.

Possible questions to ask a valuer or an Agent

Always remember to take the opportunity to know the estate agent the first time of their visit, as well as for them to know your home. This is important house valuation advice. When speaking with an estate agent about your property, you can inquire about;

  • An analysis of their charges?
  • What is the other service provided?
  • For instance, would you receive regular updates from a designated contact, or do they have a simple way for you to track buyer visits and your sale?
  • Properties comparable to your house, their market value and selling price?

How long does a property valuation take? 

Generally speaking, depending on the size and style of your property, you may anticipate a house valuation to last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. An agent will normally ask you to allow an hour for the consultation. This gives the agent time to talk through the facts of the property and your price expectations with you. To avoid the stress of being late for work or missing your next appointment, it may be advisable to allow 90 minutes. This is necessary when you have a particularly large property or one that is not likely to be straightforward to value.

Why not take advantage of an hour with a real estate specialist and get as much information as you can to help sell your house? The majority of professionals give free valuations. A home valuation involves more than just determining the optimum asking price. 

These are a few things you need to know to value a house:

  1. You'll require at least one valuation to assist you to determine a reasonable asking price whether you decide to sell your house privately or publicly.
  2. Property valuations can be completed by an estate agent or a qualified surveyor
  3. Depending on the size of your home, how many questions you have, and the estate agent's zeal, a property appraisal visit could last up to an hour.


How can I speed up the sale of my property?

A property valuation can offer a quick and simple estimate of your property's value. The best property valuation is the one that most closely determines the value of a property.

What can I do to make my house more valuable?

There are many possibilities for house remodelling that can be considered. There are several options, including converting a loft, adding a bathroom or bedroom, expanding the floor space, altering the driveway, remodelling the kitchen, or using any other existing space. Your property gains functionality from these, increasing its value.

Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller has been a real estate agent for over 4 years now, when he is not in the field, he is dedicated to his second passion, writing, especially in the real estate market.
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