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Instant house valuation

Thomas Miller
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Is it emergent that you get the value of your house? Or have you spotted a house that you are interested in and would want to purchase it as soon as possible?

Do not worry; this article is going to explain to you how to get an appraised value of that house instantly.

How to get an instant value for my house without email?

The first step to take if you're considering selling your home is to estimate what it might sell for. There are many methods and calculators available to estimate the worth of a house.

  • Locate nearby properties that have recently sold 

Examining internet sales data for comparable homes in your neighbourhood is one of the finest ways to determine a house's value.

  • Look at regional and national price patterns

After researching the prices at which nearby homes are selling, it is worthwhile to research how the national housing market is performing.

You need to be able to view the number of homes being sold as well as the average national property price.

  • Have your home valued by a real estate agent

You could also request a house valuation estimate from a real estate company. This is worthwhile because these valuations may be more accurate.

  • View the asking prices in your area

When determining the value of your home, local asking prices are crucial. They can tell you how much your home might be worth as well as how many homes are regularly changing hands.

  • Examine the factors that affect the value of your home

The following factors and more have an impact on the value of the house:

  • Location
  • The house's dimensions and design
  • The volume of storage space offered
  • Crime statistics are available on the crime mapping website.
  • Flood risk for Scotland, England and Wales, and Northern Ireland
  • If the home is subject to sinking
  • Nearby facilities
  • Catchment regions for schools
  • Dependable transportation connections.
  • Instant house value calculator

There are online tools that can give you an accurate and instant valuation in a very short time. All you need here is your phone, tablet, or laptop to enter your house address for an instant value. You will be able to get the latest market insights into your home in less than 5 minutes.

What you need to do to get the calculated value of your house is to input some details, and then our online tool will run the information provided. This will determine similar houses that have been sold and captured in our data.

Here are the different steps to get an instant house valuation:

  • Input the building address which includes the street name, zip code, and locality.
  • Add the asset type (is it a house or a flat).
  • Type of flat or house (i.e., is it an apartment, duplex, attic flat, penthouse duplex, single house, semi-detached house, corner attached house, or middle attached house).
  • Add other features (features like a swimming pool and unobstructed view could add more value to your property). 
  • Clarify your relation to the property
  • Provide the figures for the living room surface area, balcony surface area, and the entire land surface area/dimension).
  • Construction year to determine whether the building is new or old.
  • Provide the number of counts for these; rooms, bathrooms, indoor parking spaces, and outdoor parking spaces.
  • Provide whether you have the intention to sell or not.
  • Provide how the property is being occupied; i.e., whether it is owner-occupied, tenant-occupied or it is vacant.
  • Input the assumed minimum price and maximum price.
  • Input your contact number to receive the security code for your appraised property.

How much is my house worth instant?

Receive an instant valuation on your home through automated valuation models. Many websites offer free online tools to assist in getting a valuation.

Valuations offered by these online models work better on properties that have similar characteristics, for example, a neighbourhood where most of the houses are of similar size and age, and type.

They use a comparative market analysis to instantly generate the value of your house. In the course of their assessment, there are several things to consider, which are;

  • Property location
  • The exterior and interior condition of the property
  • The condition of the housing market in the area
  • Age of the home
  • Square footage
  • Number of bathrooms and rooms
  • Recent changes or renovations
  • Check what similar homes in that area were sold for recently and whether the market is trending up or down in general

After a free online valuation, you get a complete report of your home valuation, and you can be contacted by a real estate agents, that are mostly local suburb property experts, and they could offer their services on your house value for free to get the opportunity to market your property and sell it if you want to sell it. 

Instant house valuation can be easily done by knowing the information below:

  • Try RealAdvisor for a second view of what you might reasonably expect.
  • Automated online models for valuation are mostly free and can connect you to local estate agents if need be.
  • Local experts can help get your house value a bit more precise as they get to have an overview of the exterior and interior condition of your house.
  • Comparison to other houses in your local area is useful in some way but not entirely efficient because there could be unique features in your house that could trigger more worth on your house’s value.


How long does it take to receive a free home appraisal?

Instantaneously available after entering the property's postcode and address is the most recent estimated property value.

For some homes, we don't have enough information to determine the value of your home. To acquire a precise assessment of your house, you would need to get in touch with a nearby estate agent.

What causes a home appraisal to fail?

Low market circumstances to neglected house care are major factors that can bring down a home's appraisal. The market value of the house will be determined in part by recent neighbourhood transactions. The value of all the residences in the neighbourhood may therefore be impacted if sales have been slow or if sellers have been accepting lesser offers.

How do online home valuations function?

Online evaluations are based on millions of bits of information, including the size of your home and sold house prices in your neighbourhood. We request your address and the number of bedrooms as a result. All things considered, it's a terrific approach to acquire a rough estimate of the value of your house.

Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller has been a real estate agent for over 4 years now, when he is not in the field, he is dedicated to his second passion, writing, especially in the real estate market.
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